How to know the phone number of a SIM

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Check the SIM

The first solution that I recommend you to put into practice, as well as the simplest to implement, is check the SIM card whose number you want to know: on some old SIMs, in fact, the phone number is shown right on the plastic part. So, to check if this is your case, take the SIM in your hands and place it gently on a flat surface, facing the golden chip downward.

At this point, identify the sequence of numbers printed on the plastic part and observe it carefully: if what you read looks like a prefix with an adjoining subsequent numbering, that might just be the phone number you were looking for. Be very careful about the composition of the digits you see: if the set of numbers begins with the sequence of digits 8939, you are most likely reading the serial of the SIM (o ICCID) and not your phone number.

In any case, to confirm that what you have read is the number you are looking for (and not a serial number, nor the provisional number of the SIM, which is possible in case of portability or replacement), enter the SIM in question in the phone at your disposal and make a control call from another phone: if the call is successful, then the goal is achieved!

Check the sales case of the SIM

If you have not been able to retrieve the telephone number from the plastic part of the SIM, you can try to do it from its sales package: the numbering of the card, in some cases, is printed on the envelope in charge of containing the SIM (in practice where you they also find the PIN and PUK associated with it), or on a printed card glued to the plastic bag that contains it, under the heading Phone Number N. Tel.

Also in this case, the same precautions seen above apply: the numerical sequences starting with 8939 they are not telephone numbers but ICCID, while if it is a replacement SIM or a SIM resulting from an operator change with portability (MNP), the mobile number printed on the package may correspond to the provisional one. Always make a test call to make sure you are dealing with exact numbering.

Know the phone number of a SIM from Android

Were you unable to find out the phone number of the SIM in your possession with any of the methods described above? Then I recommend you try it through your smartphone. If you have a terminal Android, first of all, insert the card inside the latter (if you do not know how to do it, I suggest you use Google to find the necessary instructions, by typing for example how to enter [smartphone model] or, if you have a Huawei terminal, to follow my specific guide on the subject).

Once the card is inserted in the phone, turn on the latter, tap on the icon Settings placed in the Android drawer (the section where the icons of all the installed apps reside), presses on the item Device Info / Phone Info and then access the section State, selecting it with a tap from the list of proposed options.

At this point, all you have to do is scroll down the proposed screen, until you identify the item Phone number / My phone number: it is there that you can find the numbering associated with the SIM card in use; if you do not know it, you can also retrieve the name of the current operator (only in case of registered SIM), by taking a look at the entry Network placed in the same panel. To verify the correctness of the newly discovered numbering, make a test phone call.

Not satisfied with the result? Then I recommend that you refer to a third party app like SIM Card for Android: it allows you, in addition to immediately viewing the phone number of the card in use, to easily access the contacts saved on it. All you have to do is install the aforementioned app from Google Play (you can press on this link, if you are reading my tutorial from the phone of interest) and run it with a tap: the number you are looking for is specified under the heading Phone Number, while the current operator appears in correspondence with the box SIM Card operator name.

At this point, it is necessary to make you a clarification: if you were to see the wording on the Android screen Unknown number, or the aforementioned app does not have the wording at all Phone Number, you are most likely using a Replacement SIM, a SIM without registered number or a SIM from a different operator than the one that initially issued the numbering. In this case, I recommend that you make a note of the current operator of the SIM and contact customer service, following the instructions specified later in this guide.

Know the phone number of a SIM from iPhone / iPad

Have you decided to use an iPhone or iPad with a SIM module to trace your phone card number? Never mind, you can access the information you need in an extremely simple way, acting directly from within the operating system.

So, first of all, click on the icon Settings placed on the Home screen of the device and then touch the item Telephone: the numbering you are looking for is made explicit in correspondence with the wording My number. Alternatively, if you have connected the terminal to iTunes via computer, click on the relative icon located at the top left, in the program screen, and then click on the item Riepilogo located in the left pane: the numbering associated with the SIM is indicated in correspondence with the item Phone Number.

How do you say? You weren't able to trace your SIM number, as the iPhone or iPad shows the wording Unknown number? Then, again, you might be in possession of one SIM not registered, of a Replacement SIM or a posthumous SIM to a change of carrier: what I recommend you do, at this point, is to go to Settings> General> About, write down the serial number (ICCID) of the SIM and groped to trace the telephone number after calling the operator, as I am going to explain in the section immediately following.

Contact the operator

Were you unable to trace your SIM number in any of the ways I reported to you earlier and, therefore, are you thinking of throwing in the towel and getting rid of the card for good? Don't give up: as a last resort, you can contact the assistance center of the operator where the SIM user is registered and, with a bit of luck, get the number you are looking for!

Keep in mind that, for technical reasons, the operator will ask you for the serial number o ICCID of the SIM: I therefore advise you to retrieve it from the body of the SIM, from the sales case or, as I explained to you in my tutorial on the subject, through a specific app, and then write it down on a sheet of paper and communicate it to your interlocutor when requested. Furthermore, for privacy reasons, data relating to theholder of the SIM: make sure you have all the necessary information at hand before starting the call to the assistance center, in order to avoid unnecessary waiting that ends in nothing!

In any case, all you have to do is dial the assistance number of the telephone operator from the SIM in question (119 to TIM190 to Vodafone155 to wind133 to Three401212 to Poste Mobile192193 to Fastweb, for example), ask to speak to an operator and submit the request to know the number you are calling from, providing the necessary information when requested.

If you need help at this stage, or if the SIM in question does not allow you to make outgoing calls, you can consult my guides on how to talk to TIM operator, how to talk to Vodafone operator, how to talk to Wind operator, how to talk to operator Three, how to contact Poste cittàne and how to speak with Fastweb operator to get some more information on how to get in direct contact with the telephone operator of your interest.

How to know the phone number of a SIM

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